Tesla Jr.

Two stories of the Younger daughter.  Taken separately, just a couple bits of cuteness.  Taken together–especially in light of the number of times we’ve found her at night, well after lights out, sitting in her bed with a few random toys…or, at least, seemingly random, though obviously carefully chosen by her…and a pad of paper with mysterious scribblings all across it, her face seriously intent on some plan that clearly makes sense to her…

Story one, recounted by the Aunt:

It’s the middle of the day, the Big Sister is at school, and the Aunt’s in her room while the Younger is in the living room, watching TV.  And there’s a power outage.  Aunt comes out to check on the Younger, and finds her sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.  She turns around, looks at the Aunt, looks at the powerless TV and darkened lights, and with sincere remorse says, “I’m sorry.”

Story two, recounted by the Wife:

The family’s at Disneyland–I’ve just left a bit before this, needing to be home a day early to be back at work–and they’re waiting in line for the tram, just as the sun has gone down.  Both girls, the Younger and the Big Sister, are carrying around these plastic flowers with LEDs in the petals that light up and change colors.  And the Younger is waving hers around frantically but intentionally, like she’s conducting an orchestra playing Flight of the Bumblebee while trying to fend off a swarm of actual bees.

And all of a sudden, in the distance, over the main part of the park, the nightly fireworks display starts up.

And the Younger, looking back and forth between the fireworks and the light-up flower she’s been waving around so fervently–with a look of profound accomplishment on her face–yells out, “It’s working!  It’s working!”

And then, muttering to herself, clearly happy with how things are working out, “Good job, good job.”

Now, I know there’s no way that a two year-old could cause a neighborhood-wide blackout, just by thinking about it, nor trigger a fireworks display just by waving around a plastic light-up flower and wishing really hard.



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  1. #1 by Angela on September 1, 2011 - 10:26 PM

    You keep telling yourself that she can’t will it to happen.

    I’m buying hazard insurance for us.

    *goes to acquire radiation mitigation gear*

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