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Been trying to work up a longer piece on #occupy for a few days now, but it’s proving tough…OccupyLA was served their eviction notice Sunday night, and I’ve been far more affected than I’d thought I would be watching the clock continue to run, until last night, when a fucking military battalion—wait, that was just 1400 LAPD officers (huh…“just” 1400)?  …having a hard time parsing the difference…until the LAPD showed up last night and evicted them, arresting almost 250 people, including dozens who were attempting to disperse per their orders, and everyone standing behind a podium today is patting themselves on the back because they kept the brutal, physical attacks down to a minimum while illegally suppressing a valid, first-amendment-protected peaceful assembly to petition the government for a redress of greivances…

Well, it’s going to take a little bit to process it all.  I’ll come back to it in a bit.

In the meantime, here’s what else is going on in the world:

The US Military is still using drones to bomb the shit out of people in multiple countries that we haven’t declared war on.  Gee, you see a bunch of villagers digging in the farming fields around their village, and your first thought isn’t “maybe they’re farming” but “they must be planting mines”, and you believe option B strongly enough to order their execution, including the collateral damage of seven children?  Fuck you.

The world’s financial markets are soaring over the last few days because…well, as near as I can tell, because a couple of guys decided a few days ago that they should, and that there was going to be more money available for everyone, because they said so, and if an incredible increase of wealth for those who already have it just because a couple of guys said publicly that their money should be worth more doesn’t expose the absolutely absurd consensual-mass-hallucinatory state of today’s “high finance”, I don’t know what would.

(Okay, yeah, severe oversimplification there, I understand the levels of complexity of what’s actually happening…and that’s kind of the point.  The absurdity of it all is hidden by all these artificially-constructed layers of “complexity”…the above paragraph isn’t wrong, just stripped of all the details we spend billions and trillions to track, navigate and manipulate, and absent those things, its absurdity is much more apparent.)

Iran’s probably next on the dance card.  I’m wondering who has the master list, and how far along it we are by now.

Is it as terrifying to anyone else as it is to me that, given the current “front-runners” (and I use that term loosely, with a strong need to wash my hands afterwards) for the Republican nomination are coming very close to making Palin seem like the sanest, most intelligent of the bunch?  (With serious apologies to John Huntsman…I don’t agree with a lot of his intentions, but he’s a smart dude, and the closest thing to an old-fashioned Republican that we’ve seen in a long, long time…which is why he’ll sadly never get the nod.)  Anyone else think this is all part of some horrific master plan, that Palin pulled out of campaigning months ago just so the Republicans (the current, crazy crop) could then trot out all these other folks, asking everyone, “Okay, you don’t like her?  We’ll here’s what you get instead, I hope you’re happy now.”  And at some point in the next few months, as the active campaigners get more and more batshit crazy, Palin’s going to ride back into town, declare her intention to run—with no time left in the process for damaging controversies to grow into maturity—and somehow ride the “least in need of serious psychoactive medication and/or tutoring in basic arithmetic and geography” momentum to the nomination?

And now for something completely different…proof, in a way, that it’s not truly all doom and gloom around here.  I’m actually a nominally pleasant, happy person.  That’s partly why this blog exists and has taken the turn it has lately:  so I can get all this unpleasant shit out of the nebulous crockpot of my head and onto the plate, so I can clean out the crockpot for the next thing.  And get to enjoy things like this.

I’m not normally a pop music person; U2 is about as close as I get to conventional pop music, and despite their popularity, it’s not like they sound like anyone else out there.  At any point in my life, I’d be hard-pressed to even recognize, let alone enjoy, the majority of acts on that day’s top-40 chart, and most of the time don’t recognize a single word.

But there’s something about the perfect pop hook, an insanely predestined chord change…it’s a physical reaction.  And thus this; I dare you, just absolutely dare you, not to smile when the song shifts into the major-key chorus at 1:42.


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