The Rules of Engagement

Rule #1

I do not like blogging.  Somewhat odd, then, that I maintain one, but that’s neither here nor there.

I do not like schedules either, nor deadlines…except, as the saying goes, for the sound they make as they go whooshing past.

This is to say that there may be stretches where I’m posting fairly regularly, every couple of days even.  There will also be stretches where it’s complete radio silence for weeks or even months.  Is what it is.

Rule #2

One of the reasons things may/will get sporadic here is that I am a serious non-fan of self-indulgent blogs.  Not opposed, certainly, there are plenty of bits and bytes to go around, and I’m an adult, I can type in a URL all by myself, or not, as I choose.  And writing is a primordially self-indulgent act.  So I can’t avoid it entirely.

But that sort of stuff just isn’t interesting to me, so you’re hopefully not going to find anything like that here.  For witty anecdotes about cats/children/etc. that lead to a poignant lesson about life, usually accompanied by a hipstomatic picture at an odd but ironic angle, please visit Tumblr.

Rule #3

If you are a fan of the Boston C*****s, leave now.  Seriously.  I’m not joking, get your shit and get the fuck out.  We’ll wait.

Okay then, I think that’s the important stuff.  On with the show.


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