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And, Thus, Grace

I refuse to recognize a deity who determines the characteristics of eternity based just upon the limited, intentionally-confusing, impossibly brief moments that constitute life.  If the conditions of any eternal existence are to be defined solely by the arithmetic sum of my actions over 80-ish years of physical reality, I will spit in the face […]

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In other news…

Been trying to work up a longer piece on #occupy for a few days now, but it’s proving tough…OccupyLA was served their eviction notice Sunday night, and I’ve been far more affected than I’d thought I would be watching the clock continue to run, until last night, when a fucking military battalion—wait, that was just […]

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Holiday hiatus

Taking off for the holidays and LosCon…where I’m speaking on two panels, as if my life weren’t weird enough already.   Back shortly.

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Tesla Jr.

Two stories of the Younger daughter.  Taken separately, just a couple bits of cuteness.  Taken together–especially in light of the number of times we’ve found her at night, well after lights out, sitting in her bed with a few random toys…or, at least, seemingly random, though obviously carefully chosen by her…and a pad of paper with […]

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Why Google+ will fail

An expansion of a conversation begun with Dave and Patrick one night over scotch and cigars… In my first draft of this post, I started off with, “Well, not ‘fail’, exactly, it’s not like they’re fundamentally flawed, throwing Blink tags all over the place or something awful like that, but they’re certainly not going to […]

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…it's a name for a girl – Part 1

I need to caveat, from the start, that I don’t usually write about serious topics here, and don’t plan to make a habit of it.  Not that writing, U2 and the Lakers aren’t serious for me, but they’re not “if we disagree, and keep discussing it, tempers are likely to flare and we’ll both stomp […]

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