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How we got here…

So, here’s what happened… Phil Jackson is a bit of an asshole.  He is one of, if not the best coaches of an organized sports team in history, and as is almost always the case with people who don’t just excel but exceed almost every meaningful metric in their chosen path—the 1% of the 1%–he […]

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If Phil leaves…

Another post about the Lakers, because hey, my blog. (There will be some writing stuff coming along soon here, updates and the like, if that’s more your speed.  Patience, grasshopper.) If Phil leaves the Lakers…well, the first thing I’m going to do is fly up to Minnesota, find Rambis, and kick him in the shin, […]

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I feel a tremendous joy today.  It is not the joy of an unexpected miracle; it is the joy of agony averted, a hinting shadow of what a prisoner must feel when the governor calls as they’re strapping him to the chair. Game 7 was both ugly and beautiful.  I have never seen such effort […]

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