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Songs of Innocence – A Review

So, I should open this review with some sort of summation, right?  A quick 2-3 lines that will tell you everything you need to know.  Here goes:  give me six hours, and I could take this album and re-score any classic early-80’s film, something like Less than Zero or 2 Live and Die in LA. […]

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In other news…

Been trying to work up a longer piece on #occupy for a few days now, but it’s proving tough…OccupyLA was served their eviction notice Sunday night, and I’ve been far more affected than I’d thought I would be watching the clock continue to run, until last night, when a fucking military battalion—wait, that was just […]

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…it's a name for a girl – Part 1

I need to caveat, from the start, that I don’t usually write about serious topics here, and don’t plan to make a habit of it.  Not that writing, U2 and the Lakers aren’t serious for me, but they’re not “if we disagree, and keep discussing it, tempers are likely to flare and we’ll both stomp […]

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What the hell am I thinking?

…or, I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight. I am about to do something so absurd, on the surface you would have to question my sanity.  But dig a bit deeper, and…well, yeah, it’s pretty fucking crazy.  The word “fan”, after all, comes from “fanatic”. But there are some good reasons for what […]

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